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A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the hard disk or in the browser of a final device

(such as a computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet) when a user accesses

the content of a site, in order to help the user, navigate more effectively on that site, to

perform certain functions, as well as retain its actions or preferences (such as authentication,

language etc.).


a) Cookies strictly required – are used for the operation of the website (for example:

authentication in secure areas, managing systems or preventing fraudulent activities, etc.);

b) Cookies specific to an online session – stores an identifier that allows the user to

switch from one page to another without having to enter the identifying information (name

user, words, etc.) again. These are stored in the user’s device memory only during the session and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

c) Analytical cookies, permanent, persistent or stored – are stored at the user device level

and are not deleted at the time of closing the browser. This kind of cookies keep

user preferences so that they can be used in other browsing sessions as well –

the web. They can also be used to identify individual users, and can provide

information about: number of website visitors, time spent browsing or

website performance.

d) Cookies regarding marketing, advertising and identification of the target audience – records the users visiting our website, pages, articles viewed and links followed. They are used to offer more relevant ads in relation to your interests. For this purpose, it is possible to share such information with third parties (such as advertisers).

e) Functional cookies – are used to recognize the users who return to the site

, thus helping us customize the content of the website according to your preferences.


 Our website uses cookies in particular for the following purposes:

a) To retain the individual actions and preferences of the users;

b) To ensure good performance of the website;

c) To help the users of the website perform certain operations without having to

enter your login details (username, password, etc.) each time they navigate from a page to


d) For displaying behavioral advertising and for displaying advertisements relevant to

what the user has been looking for in the past.

We will not use cookies for any purpose other than those stated above.


 You may withdraw your consent to the use of a cookie at any time. In this regard you can

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