Barleta’s History

The foundations of Barleta were laid in 1994, when the business focused on collaborating with local printing houses, the company’s activity being set on the production and marketing of paper sheets at the time. The activity carried out by our company started with small, but safe steps, using a single machine that produced bags for milling.

The first product launched on the paper packaging market, was a bag for flour. A product that demonstrated its quality and efficiency, adapting perfectly to the expectations of Dobrogea Group SA, one of our first renowned customers, with whom we have a long-lasting collaboration.

With every satisfied customer and with every investment oriented towards the purchase of new and high-performance machines, BARLETA has become a powerful, customer-oriented company and is recognized as the most important supplier of paper packaging in Romania. At present, we have 16 machines for making paper packaging and 3 flexo printers, one of them up to 8 colors.

Also, we are the only manufacturer of packaging in Romania producing bags with inner paper handles.

Due to our sustained efforts, shortly after the launch of the first product on the paper packaging market, we reached the performance of making and distributing bag number 1,000,000 to our partner, Dobrogea Group S.A. The first million is hard, as they say, and we have currently reached a level of over 300,000,000 bags annually supplied to our customers such as: KFC, CARREFOUR, PAMBAC, BOROMIR, FARMAVET, CORA etc.

A strong company, with a progressive vision, is based on innovative ideas, involvement and sustained effort, as well as being in constant tune with the demands of the market. In order to expand the range of quality products offered, BARLETA has recently purchased an additional machine for making bags used for packing Catering products – a branch in continuous development, as well as  a new state-of-the-art printing machine in 8 colours.

With 25 years of experience, we qualify as an excellent choice to provide you with quality packaging, meant to promote and enhance your products, giving you the support and guidance you need, in order to grow your business.