Why Barleta?

The packages we offer are made of quality materials, being biodegradable, ecofriendly and recyclable, with no toxic compounds. In case you no longer need them, we suggest you recycle them in a proper way, given the ever-growing concerns regarding the environment.



In our 25 years of experience we have always prioritized the needs of our partners.

Technology and innovation

We support creativity and original ideas by using high tech solutions.


The packages we offer are made of quality materials.



Address: Bacău, 207 Calea Republicii, Bacău County, Romania

Phone number: +40 234.589.013

Fax: +40 234.589.288
E-mail addresses:

Reception: secretariat@barleta.ro

Internal sales: marketing@barleta.ro

External sales: export@barleta.ro

Commercial: comercial@barleta.ro