Barleta’s Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers a wide variety of products of the highest possible quality, personalized solutions and the best possible delivery times. Given this, Barleta is an excellent choice for you and your business. Our professional teams are here to support you in your endeavor to develop your business and to help shape your vision into reality.

Our activity is always focused on your needs and expectations. We treasure your values and strive to identify the most innovative, competitive and efficient solution for you.

Our goal is to follow the fundamental values of each and every customer, while always standing firm behind our integrity. We strive to create products that are meant to respect and protect the environment.

The products we can offer are made of materials of the highest quality and are biodegradable, eco-friendly and recyclable, without any toxic compounds. After being used we recommend recycling them in a proper manner, given the ever-growing concerns regarding environmental protection.